Monday, January 10, 2011

One Fifth of the way to Fifty

The Other Half
This fall, Kevin and I went to Moab, UT, one of our favorite places. After lots of training, I was (mostly) ready to complete my first half marathon! 'The Other Half' was probably the most well organized race of any I have done. The run was on route 128 outside of town. Running along the Colorado river on your right and the beautiful red rock formations on your left was breathtaking (or perhaps I didn't have my breath because I was running). They had aid stations every two miles, most of which I didn't stop for, but it was a great way to help pace yourself. I had some knee pain after about 10 miles, but made it though with a smile on my face!

Jingle Bell Run
Kevin accepted a position as the Associate Pastor for family and community ministry in Elkins, WV. So, at the beginning of December, we (with lots of help from friends) loaded up a moving truck, then packed up our car with our pets and our extra stuff and began a journey across the country. The truck would be arriving in Elkins after about a week, so we took our time driving, stopping for a few nights along the way. One such stop in Columbia, MO allowed me to get in another race. This time, it was just a 5K. It was cold, but not too bad. After doing a 1/2, the 5K seemed pretty short!

10 races down 40 to go!

I am looking forward to continuing my life goals here in WV stay tuned!

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  1. Chrissy!!! Come run a race in TN. The Music City Half Marathon is happening the last saturday of April. Amy Browne, Kristin, and Jill are all signed up and coming down. GOing to try to convince Katie too. It will be a fun weekend!!!!!